What’s happening to Derby County? 🤔

Derby have been a well known club for very long now for many years with making lots of history in the EFL.

Derby entered administration 22nd September 2021 with the club struggling so much players couldn’t be paid and had to result to using young players from the U-23 squad with Wayne Rooney giving his experience of football had go battle to keep Derby in the championship but he just fell short due to the lack of experience.

Derby then had a major breakthrough when hearing that Chris Kirchner wanted to have a part in taking derby over and bringing them back to the level they deserve to be.

Today, 12th June 2022 the bid has fallen through with Chris Kirchner pulling out of the buying of the club which has made Derby fans very worried due to the date of the club takeover is very soon and if NOT taken over the club will fold meaning Derby will have to restart back to the bottom tier of football until a takeover is completed.

Simon Stone a reporter from the BBC has reported that “EFL chief executive Trevor Birch will take a more active role in liaising with Quantuma re @dcfcofficial following today’s announcement. He is a qualified chartered accountant and acted as administrator at Portsmouth.”

This means this is the chance that Derby will have to regain their position in the EFL. If NOT the regulations and laws in the 2021/22 FA regulation states that -

(a) the number of relegation places from the Championship shall be reduced by such number as is necessary to restore the Championship to 24 Clubs;

the principles of Regulation (a) shall apply in League One;

the number of relegation places from League Two shall not (unless the Board

determines otherwise in its absolute discretion) be reduced and the Board may on such terms and conditions as it may think fit, admit any Association Football club as a member(s) to League 2 to restore the number of Clubs in the League to 72.

This law means that the team that was relegated from League 1 to League 2 that finished on the highest points which was Gillingham will most likely go up unless a 23 team league is agreed creating League 2 only 2 automatic places and one play off spot or 3 automatic spots are allowed and no play off places.

This is intense times for not only the club, players and staff but the fans who have been waiting very long for their hope of bouncing back.

More to follow.

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