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What’s going wrong at Man United? 🤔

Man United have had a slow start with Ralf Ragnick showing similar style of confidence and play to their ex manager and player Ole.

FootballNewsOnline has analysed the latest appointment of Ralf and are gonna explain what’s going wrong and how they can fix it but it’s not easy.


We have noticed the change of formations have caused fans to be angry within the club. Managers like Tuchel, Conte, Pep and Arteta are known for keeping the same formation and going with it no matter what team they play they keep it the same showing consistency and drilling it into their team.

Ralf hasn’t done this he’s gone from 4222, 4231 to 442 many different formations causing no consistency in a game.

Ralf needs to keep the same formation and start consistency from the start. For example Arteta stuck with his 4231 formation from the takeover on the 20th December 2019 he has kept it the same with a very slow start to the Premier League and Europa League he is now battling for a 4th place spot to bring Arsenal back to Champions League football at the Emirates.

Re Build process - Short Term:

£50 Million to start with.

Players to sell:

Martial - He has been rumoured for a long time to leave Man United but his time should be over at the club. TransferMarkt value him around £30 Mil.

Van De Beek - He has had a very slow start at United and hasn’t played many games at all only getting experience of the bench so no one has seen his real worth. He is currently valued around £25 Million.

Harry Maguire - His start to Man United has had mix emotions with lots of errors and mistakes causing his price to be deemed as not worthy. His current price is £45 Million.

Ralf style of play has caused major issues in the midfield with the manager needing a solid CDM/CM can inflict a game.

They are also in need for a CB due to Maguire being sold.

CM options to suit Ralf play would consist of -

Neves (rumoured around £35-40 Million)

Kamara (rumoured around £25-40 Million)

Declan Rice (rumoured around £90-100 Million)

FootballNewsOnline believes the spending of £100 Million for Declan Rice in Man United current team would be worth it due to his passion and drive to achieve not only for himself but the club in long run. He has helped not only experienced players get used to the modern game but also helped youngsters develop to the standard of the Premier League.

Man United budget now after the signing of Declan Rice and the sale of CB Harry Maguire they would be looking for a possible CB to strengthen their back line and to have a solid CB next to Varane.

CB options to suit ralf style of play -

Nathan Ake - £20-30 Million

Kimpembe - £35-40 Million

Sule - £20 Million

FootballNewsOnline believes the best signing to possibly suit the style of play for Ralf and to support Varane would be Kimpembe.

Kimpembe provides a solid wall and with the pace and the use of his left foot would support Ralf system of getting it out from the back and allowing the use of his left foot to support him more.

Kimpembe rarely plays for PSG so a possible move would be capable.

We now have £10 Million left.

With Man United great on youth players i would love to see them get a young exciting player in that can adapt to the Premier League instantly providing a possible great career for them and a great investment for the club.

Possible players to sign -

Alvarez - £10 Million + player

Danilo - £10 Million + player

FootballNewsOnline believes that Danilo from Plameiras who plays CDM/CM would be a great opportunity for them with the club being a able to grow to great player in the midfield.

Overall the squad that FootballNewsOnline would choose to have would be -

We would give opportunities to youngsters and for players to prove themselves on the big stage. One player that we love and think is incredible is Zidane Iqbal, one for the future for sure.

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