The Top 5 Future players for England!

England have one of the best academies in the world if not the best providing the world of football with exciting players from the past, now and the future.

Callum Wrighton editor for FootballNewsOnline is gonna look in depth of what England have to offer in the next upcoming 5 years for football.

I'm gonna focus on 5 players that I guarantee will make it into the England squad and what they have to offer to push the team on to win the trophies they have been hunting for.

5. Japhet Tanganga - Tottenham Hotspur (22 Years Old)

Japhet is a CB/RB but displays are aggressive style of play and shows a ball winning mentality but also shows his physical side to game towards the players.

He likes to be aggressive winning the ball quick and moving it forward straight away and looking for the sensible forward runs and passes to make only if the opportunity appears so also providing his safe and sensible side to his game.

On his Premier League debut for Spurs against Liverpool he provided not only Tottenham but England fans with the hope of possibly having another future world class defender in the running, 2 days after his game versus Liverpool he played a full 90 minutes against Middlesbrough and provided himself with a man of the match performance and gave us football fans another glimpse of future excitement.

Overall he could make his way into the England team if he carries on to work hard and stay focused with Spurs. He is being provided a lot of game time at Spurs at the moment with Portuguese manager Nuno Santos giving him the chance to prove himself in the team.

4. Dane Scarlett - Tottenham Hotspur (17 Years Old)'